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Your Eyes Tell English Lyrics : Sung and Performed by BTS From the Album Map Of The Soul 7 : THE JOURNEY. Presented on Jaeguchi.

Your Eyes Tell English Lyrics

Why there are so many tears falling?
Hey, stay by my side and laugh
A future without you is a world without colour
I stare into that monochrome coldness
Even the darkness is so beautiful

I want you to believe me
Only looking straight at you
So you don’t go anywhere

Whatever you’re waiting for
Something that’s far away from here
The place you gave me is still
That secure place for my heart

Shadows of the past chase me again and again but
As I try to shake them loose they tangle and follow me
But I still want it
Wherever you are I’ll find you
To a tomorrow of us

Even if it seems to be the beginning of the end
I’ll call your name

Why are there so many tears when I look at you?
So colourful, yet I will feel upset one day
Your eyes, they tell me
That I’m in love

Still unable to verbalize the hopeless dream in my heart
To face the past and the future
How much hope is needed to reach you
It’s a night like that but I’ll keep on thinking
In the city at dusk

To be loved, to love, I’ll become that eye
For the adventure that lies ahead
Even the darkness we watch is so beautiful
Please believe me
Looking straight only at you so you don’t go anywhere

Your eyes, they tell


Your Eyes Tell Song Credits :-

Artist: BTS 防弾少年団
Song : Your Eyes Tell
Album: Map Of The Soul 7 : THE JOURNEY
Released on : 2020.07.15

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